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Out greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
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The best source of knowledge is experience.


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45 Kalbrook Street
Ottawa , ON , K2T 1A6 Canada
613 894 2759

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My Resume

I am an experienced information architect, hands-on programmer and part of an Ottawa network committed to finding economical and practical solutions to improve business processes. As a consultant I maintain a hands-on role in order to fully understand challenges and potential opportunities for projects.

One of my favorite aspects of development is working with people from a wide range of professions. I am constantly learning new perspectives and gaining knowledge in ways that are always unexpected and have enjoyed learning from some great managers over the years. This is my Kammaṭṭhāna.

My newest passions is mobile development and for native apps I find the Android architecture fascinating. It has significantly influenced my regular web development work.

Since 2005 I have been an active member of the Ottawa development community, participating in and running developer meetings in the Ottawa area each month. We share tools, code and stories, some of which are uniquely funny to our profession.

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My Ottawa Associates

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Below is a list of my favorite past clients:

INAC Aboriginal affairs (Canadian Federal Government)

Developed Quick Help Desk - a browser and desktop based videoconferencing and screen sharing solution to allow INAC support staff to help web visitors navigating the INAC web site.  Staff run a desktop application that controls a web application used by visitors. The tool has been running daily and maintenance free for over 8 years.

Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (Canadian Sector Council)

Produced an accredited bilingual 65-hour online training program for secondary students interested in entering the aviation industry. This program contains 900 pages of material and is used daily by students throughout Canada.


Peace Dividend Trust

Created a new front-end website with PSD files and repaired an existing back-end vendor management system for East Timor and Afghanistan business directories.


US Marines

Created a secure and accredited training system for specific military equipment to ensure that personnel have a full understanding of safety measures before being deployed with equipment.


Canadian Seed Growers Association

Created seed management tools and a front-end seed search tool for Seed Growers across Canada. This tool is unique to the industry and may soon be licensed outside Canada. 

Contact North (Ontario Distance Education Provider)

Built a suite of data management, scheduling and reporting tools to manage the daily operation and scheduling of over 200 distance education centres throughout Ontario. Also provided a highly modified content management system (CMS) to allow the sharing or resources and code with other organizations.

Canadian Security Establishment

Created a management and bulk conversion system to convert 10,000 PDF documents to an HTML format compatible with Canadian Federal Government Common Look and Feel guidelines. I retained the licence to this tool as part of my service agreement.



Coding Accomplishments

I received a PHP Innovation Award in May 2010 for my work on the Adjacency Model Class which is a robust alternative to the Traversal Sorting Algorithm popularized by Joe Celco. I call Joe Celco's algorithm the "Humpty Dumpty System" because when it breaks, there is no putting it back together again. The Adjacency system is self repairing.

The PHP Innovation Award is given monthly to individuals who contribute unique, useful, and standards-compliant PHP code to the community.

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